Our Family

Our Family

Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Oh, the magical world of solid food! Jack is still nursing full time but we have started to introduce some fun new things like bananas and biter biscuits! He loves trying new food and is such a big boy in his highchair! He is starting to be able to sit up for longer periods of time and will be into all kinds of trouble before ya know it!

Visiting Nanny in the Hospital

Nan loved getting to see little Jack while she was a Hillcrest for a few days. He liked pulling on all of the cords and wires. She is feeling better and back home.

Bath Time!!

Jack loves to take baths. He tries to lean over and slurp the water out of the tub. Really hard to do with out sucking water up your nose... but he is learning! He loves to splash and scream and suck on the washcloth! All clean!!

The most wonderful time of the year!

Jack, Isabella and Grandma... mid costume change!

Jack, Bella and Grandpa

Jacks very own Christmas tree at Grandmas house!

Josiah and the santa babies!

So many new toys! My parents got Jackson so much stuff! He is all set until they pile it on again in July for his first birthday! He got a really cool wagon! Here he is in it along with lots of Christmas loot!

Jack's stocking, I had this made for him so that his first stocking would be the one that he will use for many years. Isn't it cute!! I can't wait till next year when he is excited about dumping it out and playing with everything!

Jackson's first Christmas!

Christmas was wonderful! Here is Jackson in his cute little Christmas onsie from Auntie Becca! It says "Good things come in small packages!" He was busy rolling across the floor but paused to pose for mommy!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Jack and Santa

Jacks first experience with Santa was magical!
Santa was very sweet and Jack loved his soft fur collar and puffy beard.