Our Family

Our Family

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Eating Oranges, Driving, and Tonkawa Creek

Our fun filled afternoon walking down the Tonkawa Creek

Jack and Daddy in the little play area

Jack and Mommy on the slide!

Being silly at the falls!
(There is water running, in the pics it looks like we are sitting next to slime!)

Ooh slimy!
(and again there is water on top of the alge)

Jack and Mommy!

Sitting on the rocks in the sun

Daddys COLD face!

This is as close as I let them get to the edge!
I was freaked out for them to be this close!

My Boys!

Yep, Harley got to come too!

Silly boy!

Driving around the garage! Backwards!

Yum! Oranges taste good!

Orange ya glad you looked at my blog today!