Our Family

Our Family

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Toilet Paper...

So, last night I went to get the boys for dinner.
They were supposed to be listening to music in the computer room.
I walked in and Daddy was there, I said where is Jackson?
Not waiting for the answer I walked through our bedroom into our bathroom and this is what I saw.
(I let Daddy off the hook with a warning for those of you who were worried about him! :-)
...the bathroom door was supposed to be shut...
Getting a toilet lock this weekend.

Who knew toilet paper could be so fun!


  1. What a precious little face! Luckily, the Lord stations special angels around our kiddos when daddy is in charge:) By the way, watch out when you go to take those potty locks off. They ripped the top enamel coat off our toilet lids...

  2. One look away and they are gone! Noah skips the toilet paper and goes straight for the toilet, eww!

  3. Just curious are you on facebook or myspace?