Our Family

Our Family

Friday, January 29, 2010

Just when you think life can't get any better...

It does!

Life with our sweet Jackson has been so wonderful. We fall more and more in love with our little boy everyday. I can not believe it has been 18 months since we first saw his beautiful face. We are so excited that in just 34 weeks we will be gazing into the face of Jackson's new little brother or sister! He is going to be the best big brother ever!

So how does all of this happen? Well, when a mommy and a daddy love each other... you know the rest! :-) No seriously, most of you know about the struggle we had to become parents and we felt so blessed to have been able to have a child of our own. We always wanted to have more but we didn't know if that was even possible, and if not we have our Jackson and really, who could ask for more! As we have watched him grow and felt the love grow between us, we decided that we wanted to at least try and give him a sibling. Well, as you know Jackson has been a totally breastfed baby and I can't take meds while nursing so we have been slowly trying to wean. A couple of months ago I stopped "prevention" to get my body ready to start taking meds in a few months when Jackson weaned. We assumed that between the weaning and the meds that prepare you for the real meds we would start "trying" sometime this summer. Lucky for us God had other plans! So here we are, not totally weaned, no meds (yay!) and happily pregnant with miracle #2!!

Our parents and family are all so excited to be welcoming another precious baby into the family! We told our parents in really fun ways, for my family I put the test in a bracelet box, in a blue gift bag with pink tissue. I told dad that I had a gift for mom and I wanted him to come in while she opened it. She took out the tissue and lifted out the box, dad said "nice, jewelry." Mom looked at me kind of funny because I know that she doesn't wear bracelets. She took that lid off and started screaming and jumping around. Dad stood slightly stunned because she didn't give him a chance to see what was in the box, but he caught on pretty quick! It was priceless!
We told Josiah's family while we were in N.M. There is a game we always play together, we call it dictionary, someone pics a word that no one knows the meaning of and we all write a meaning down, all the "definitions" are passed to the person who chose the word and they are read aloud and voted on. I wrote my definition as "the act of announcing to ones family that Jackson is going to be a big brother!" They were stunned when they heard the definition but quickly became very excited! Greatest game of dictionary ever!

My mind is a flurry of excitement as I try to imagine life with two children! Will it be another handsome boy or a frilly little girl? Will it look like Jackson? Will it sleep through the night?! I can not wait for my next Dr. visit so I can hear my babys heart beat, there is nothing quite like that sound!

Baby Crow due Sept. 23 2010!


  1. Lovely goosebump-inducing blog post. I'm so happy to experience a second darling vicariously through you! Here's hoping you find something pickled.

  2. I gave you a blog award! Check out my blog for details.